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Dynamic Display

Pub Time:2015-08-18 12:42:01

In any busy environment, whether it be a frenetic trade show floor or a bustling shopping mall, static displays have a tendency to get lost in the shuffle. So to stand out from the crowd, Liganova GmbH (aka Brand Retail Lab) lent a little momentum to its exhibit at EuroShop by embedding a kinetic display behind an aisle-facing window. Text on the window read "More attention: 300-percent increase in sales with movement in your window." Then, as if to prove its own prophecy, a whirling assemblage behind the glass proceeded to attract attendees' eyeballs like moths to a five-alarm flame. A series of dimensional gears and lights rotated and twinkled as they progressed through a carefully orchestrated sequence. First, the word "we" appeared inside a large gear positioned in the top-left of the display. Next, another gear appeared to part like the Red Sea, revealing the word "showcase," which then lit up. Four smaller gears, each bearing an individual letter, came to a stop, forming the word "your," and the phrase "brand & products" appeared in lights, embedded within a final gear in the lower-right corner of the structure. The kinetic element drew curious attendees' eyes to Liganova's exhibit while simultaneously communicating the company's key message. Talk about a double-duty display.