Guangzhou Vogue Exhibition Design Co., Ltd. is the specialized enterprise which engages in designing exhibition projects, display cabinets, exhibition halls and stores, and provides the service of the professional making up .We have a rich experience of exhibition , a good brand awareness and service system.Our purpose is to establish a good public image for enterprises.

In fact, our company participates to the market competition by the service theory of superior consciousness,high quality and comprehensive. We provide the service for many famous international and national enterprises,such as LG Electronics, Otis Elevator,SGSB Dürkopp, Dekor wood flooring, ICBC etc. And help them to get wonderful effect.

Our company pay more attention to people oriented,which has an innovative team with advanced service concept. We have our own factory of 3000 square meters to undertake professionally various exhibition engineerings, the project of the exhibition halls and market terminals. We are perfect in manufacture craft,which make the exbihition result is perfect and safe.

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More than fifty employees and every one of them a specialist in their field. Behind our custom-made brand worlds there are creative minds who daily apply their ambition, passion, and imagination to search for the best solutions. Embedded in interdisciplinary project teams, we organize ourselves according to the requirements of each project. This way we remain flexible, productive, and inspired.