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ARK Showroom for GAB

Pub Time:2020-11-03 15:17:43

The company gab contacted us because they needed a new exhibition hall, next to the others. Gab is the official distributor in Belgium and Luxembourg, selling Pepe jeans, Scotch & soda, Hackett London, Karl Lagerfeld, FA ó onnable, mcgrego, etc.

The demand for this exhibition hall was so urgent that they decided to look for a modular concept that could be manufactured as soon as possible. Brand image is also very important, and they immediately believe that our shelter will fully match their brand. For the exhibition hall, they need a large open and bright space with a lot of natural light in a 200 square meter two-story building.

For us, the location is very interesting, because we have an old castle on one side, a beautiful garden, surrounded by a lake, and a parking lot in front of us. Having this kind of space reminds us of creating the best shelter for them. We managed to create a design that connects to the garden and the lake, a place that makes you feel like you're outside.

After some changes and their opinions, they decided to continue. The production plan was made in a week, and the next day we started to make the skeleton. We prefabricated five custom design units in two months. Then we shipped them to Belgium, and a few days after they arrived in Belgium, they were installed with cranes in a few hours.

The foundation has been prepared in advance, so the installation of the cabin went smoothly. Two cabins on the first floor were installed in the early morning. The next three cabins are placed on the second floor with no external support. Because of the solid skeleton of the unit, we can make a 2-meter console, and we can easily create an open space as high as 7-8 meters.

In the late afternoon, we installed the platforms and prefabricated metal stairs that were ready. With the flexibility of this structure, we can work quickly, and this modular system gives us a lot of choices to create great things.

Each brand has its own showroom, and we were able to create a covered terrace space in the shelter building, which is now very useful as a meeting point for all brands. This project shows us that everything is possible, and we are very happy to participate in it.