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Dimension Lab Showroom

Pub Time:2020-10-30 16:02:27

Dimension Lab of furniture exhibition hall, where creative ideas are integrated, is a project to unlock brand identity through strong concept. The three young pioneers put forward the concept of "laboratory" while carrying out many experiments and experiments. In the process of brand development, they also matched the brand name. The atmosphere is refined to a low tone to create a chic and professional atmosphere. In a unique way, it expresses the unique charm of furniture in the gallery. The exhibition hall is located on the first floor of a new building. The gray color is calm and harmonious with the color of the whole building.

Outside, the art display furniture is depicted as mysterious, as if floating in the air, arousing people's curiosity. The exhibition space surrounded by mirrors produces infinite reflection, which not only conveys a unique sense of expansion, but also metaphorically expresses the meaning of "dimension" derived from brand name. The stairwell downstairs is full of fresh blue and light, which means an unfamiliar experience. The removed furniture placed above the light makes the furniture feel fresh and strange from another angle. By conceptualizing the furniture making process of the staircase, this is a closely connected transitional space.

Underground space, furniture as sensitive as a gallery display, like the first floor of gray concrete and steel, to create a delicate feeling. In addition, he wanted to balance the wooden table and colorful furniture in the middle. As if hanging a picture, furniture placed vertically on the wall, making full use of the height of the ceiling. In addition, the perceptual arched structure is arranged into a consultation space and a tea room, forming a three-dimensional sense of space, which is not only an aesthetic, but also a functional element. The structure is made of wire mesh, which makes you feel open. Poly carbonate is used in the inner wall to reduce the atmosphere.