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Longyan Cloud Art Gallery

Pub Time:2020-07-02 14:40:04

The project is located on the south side of Longyan Zijinshan Sports Park next to Ziyu Lake, the west side is adjacent to the flower sea and golf course. The north side is surrounded by mountains. From the demonstration area to the west, you can overlook the side of the flower sea. To the south, you can enjoy the lake view. To the north, you can look out over the mountains. The landscape resources are excellent.

The inspiration for architecture is the dialogue with the environment. Distant mountains, flowers, lakes, grass slopes, mountain breezes, fog, and every element of the environment and the building and site dialogue will form a unique sense of venue experience.

And this sense of place is exactly what needs to be restored to the human, rather than allowing the building to form too noisy existence. In such a unique site, the building should exist as a part of nature in the site, the design needs to express the main body is the temperature of the place.

When a "cloud" falls on a grassy slope, the building not only takes nature as the background, but also works as a part of nature, with the unique lightness and ambiguity of the cloud to blur the boundaries between man-made buildings and the natural environment.

In the design of cloud art museum, we use the terrain of the plot itself to dissolve the height difference through three ramps, to penetrate the calm "cloud", rolling mountains, the shadow of the trees through the glass. The natural environment and architectural elements together surround the space boundaries, space and space between each other penetration, overlap, forming an ambiguous and fuzzy space, shaping a rich and ambiguous space level, building and environment integration.

Five-meter-high floor-to-ceiling glass windows create a permeable and continuous space, with 360-degree open panoramic views allowing the line of sight to pass through, bringing the environment into the room with people.

In the ambiguous space between the two clouds, the slender columns stand in the dense forest on the thin aluminum sheet, the rich space in the vertical stack ingress a picture.

The "cloud" acts as a barrier to shape the new courtyard as the core space of the entire site. The form of "cloud" uses a free curve to break the clear boundaries of the straight line, the curved steps surrounded by synthetic flower beds, tree pools, sinking space. The cloud aesthetic museum also the re-constructs a human-nature relationship.

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