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who is the right one for showroom design?

Pub Time:2015-08-23 08:44:50

A quality stand design and build will promote your company and brand, showcase your products, and give potential clients an idea that you run a trustworthy organisation that is organised and proud. You can turn your exhibition space in to a place that is welcoming, comfortable and informative that will send out a clear message. Simply put, there is a lot at stake when designing a stand and it isn’t easy. Whilst you may have ideas about what you like and already have an existing brand image, you’ll need help in seeing it through.

A poorly designed stand is the worst thing that could happen at an exhibition. Finish of the stand is down to the stand contractor, you can give off the wrong impression with a badly finished exhibition stand. Don’t leave yourself wide open for criticism and potential clients judging your products because of a poorly designed and finished stand, work with a stand design & build contractor who can deliver. If you work with a contractor who is not proven, you could end up with an exhibition stand that is not finished when the show opens.. yes, it does happen!

Below was taken 15 minutes before the exhibition was open to the public! NOT a client of Creative Forum we must add!

This is why it is recommended to hire a professional team of trained stand designers, who have years of experience within the industry. They really are the best option when your company’s reputation is on the line.

Checklist for success

Your stand designers should be approachable and open to your ideas. vogue design one such company, using in-house specialists to liaise with customers, and sometimes even company partners.

If you choose to hire stand designers, make sure you check the following:
•They understand the ethos of your company
•They are aware of your budget and can stay within it (no hidden extra charges)
•They have evidence of successful stands they have previously made
•They can work with a variety of materials to best suit your needs
•They can offer a full service package - they can manage your stand from concept to completion.