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Hangzhou IMV Digital Products Retail Store

Pub Time:2019-09-26 10:04:53

The IMV digital product retail store designed by Dongqi Architects is located on the first floor of Laifushi Square in Hangzhou. By creating unique space and lighting environment, architects can provide good visual recognition for their electronic products. The space is divided into two parts: the interactive area and the display area. In order to attract customers and emphasize the openness of stores, the external space enclosed by the main circulation space has been allocated to the exhibition area, mainly for those interactive products. The interior of the space is filled with triangular booths, which connect different circulation systems. It allows customers to experience space and products freely. In terms of booth design, designers have considered using acrylic acid. About 52 acrylic tubes and several acrylic panels together constitute a full-height triangular pyramid light source. The local light between different booths shows the special and free distribution of space and circulation. It reflects the concepts of information technology and data flow. The elevated head inclines to the interior space, and the laser punched steel plate is used as the material. Patterns are produced by information technology. Blue light can penetrate through perforated steel plates, which is a good way to enhance the technical theme. All stainless steel counters (including service counters and display wall counters) are specially treated to increase refraction between different steels. As a result, the counter was completely hidden and acrylic lighting jumped into the eyes of customers. This design blurs the boundary and increases the depth of space. Multimedia screen, combined with cylinder and wall, can promote the advertising of products through its multi-directional display. At the same time, as an important part of space, screen not only provides another way of display, but also enhances the technological atmosphere of space.