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exhibtion design company should know secret 4

Pub Time:2015-09-14 11:50:13

First you want to spark a visitor’s interest, selling comes after. Visitors are flooded by stimuli when they enter a show - lights, colors, noise, and crowds. It takes a visitor seconds to walk past and sum up whether or not to
stop at your display.
You want to capture their attention, intrigue them, and make them stop in the midst of a hectic atmosphere – long enough for a member of your team to begin an interaction. Use something or someone to attract passersby
and encourage them to stop. The attraction you choose may involve one or more of the five senses:
sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.
Sight – Visitors recognize your brand or are intrigued enough by what they see in your display to stop. Large screen video presentations can be used to get attention, support theatre style presentations or run your “story” on a continuous loop.