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Exhibition design trends will have a huge change company must pay attention to if you want to set up a showroom

Pub Time:2015-09-01 08:02:51

1International style trend of exhibition hall design

In today's world, the information is extremely transparent all walks of life are faced with the internationalization of the real problem, exhibition design is no exception. 2010 Shanghai World Expo is the largest in the history of the World Expo, the largest number of exhibitors, it is a leading event in the field of political, economic, cultural and technological achievements. The Shanghai World Expo, people see shows a new way, let the Chinese people the internationalization of the exhibition design make a latitude.

2 the interactive participation of exhibition hall design

People don't remember your name, but it will remember shaken hands with you, a simple handshake actually is the interaction of the most primitive way. Have you participated in an activity or experience can make you unforgettable. In Stuttgart Volkswagen car exhibition hall design has been used to interact with the device to allow customers to build their own cars, visible, interactive way to allow the audience to get unparalleled experience, never a good feeling. So remember your brand spirit. On the other hand, the traditional single display mode can not meet the current visitors want to participate in the experience of the mood, in the development of the information volume of the world's more eager to reflect the value of their own, more like to feel the way the product use.

3 the design of the human nature of the trend

We often say that we want to be human, to attract more people to the pursuit of.Talent is the dominant and users in the display design. If there is no human nature of the design of the exhibition hall is a failure, such as people's habit of walking route, people's visual preferences, body function in the exhibition hall, what kind of customer is my main customer, etc.. In such a position and the correct division of the visitors, service space, create a shortcut, comfortable exhibition environment. This is the needs of the audience and designer's duties.

4the information network of exhibition hall design

Technology has come close to personal life, such as wechat, taxi software, buy, and open architecture to integrate various resources, through the standard specifications and simple software interface, based on electronic network transmission, and achieved high speed diversified information across the globe. As a company, he not only reflects the company's image also like a bridge with customers. Customers come to your exhibition hall to take away what is it, he can through the network and his world to a piece of it? Can you let the information through the network to spread the fastest speed. It is the inevitable trend of the company's showroom design.