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Top Ten Design Tips for the Best Exhibition Stand

Pub Time:2010-04-13 20:20:00

Designing an exhibition stand is complex. You have a very small space to use and you need to make an immediate impact with people who will walk past your exhibition stand. You may have several different audiences or messages to portray and different products to display. Your exhibition stand is the most important component in attending an exhibition or trade show, so you do want to get it right. The following top ten design tips will help you to design the best exhibition stand for your company.

Tip 1 – Create a Concept

One of the first things you should do is to create a concept for your exhibition stand. You can use a theme that ties in every element together. Your concept should blend nicely with the current marketing products of your company, although you can create specific marketing products to match the concept of your exhibition stand.

Tip 2 – Size up the Space

Find out exactly how much space you have to use for your exhibition stand. There is no point in designing a brilliant exhibition stand if it won’t fit within your designated exhibition space. Count every square centimentre in your allocated space.

Tip 3 – Hit the Heights

Many exhibition stands only go as high as head height. Check with the organisers and see how high you can build your stand. You may be able to use high signs and fabric designs to bring people into your exhibition stand by creating a curiosity from across the room.

Tip 4 – Prepare a Plan

Prepare a three-dimensional plan of your exhibition stand. Design the stand to include all of the elements you need to include: technology, product displays, brochure displays, lights, signage, and furniture. Remember that you need space for staff and customers as well as for the products or displays. You may find that you decide to display fewer products more effectively rather than cram the space full of pop up displays or shelving.

Tip 5 – Think about Technology

Technology is part and parcel of the world today. How are you going to incorporate technology into your exhibition stand? Would you like potential customers to see your website during the trade show? Can you show DVDs of your product in action or provide testimonies on the latest technology, such as a download for ipods?

Tip 6 – Light the Lights

Lighting is an essential design element in any modern exhibition stand. Designing additional lighting beyond that supplied by the trade show hall or conference centre is important. You can use spot lights, down lights, up lights, and coloured lights to highlight products and displays within your exhibition stand.

Tip 7 – Fabric the Façade

Fabric is light and can create a beautiful effect when you use it as a major component of your exhibition stand façade. Fabric wrapped around a light timber or metal frame can create unique shapes that combine your concept with the usefulness of the façade. A “box design” where everything fits into a special fabric shape is more attractive than the old fashioned “booth” style of exhibition stand.

Tip 8 – Colours Catch Eyes

Use colours to create an eye-catching exhibition stand. You may like to theme the colours and match the exhibition stand furniture to your company logo colours. Use coloured lights to create a unique feel to your exhibition stand, especially when compared to the exhibition stands on either side.

Tip 9 – Keep Signage Simple

Signage is essential, but while it can attract attention, you do need to keep it simple. If you try to explain your entire message on signs, you’ll find that few people stop to read the signs. It is better to have three memorable words or a slogan that people will remember after the event on your signs, rather than lists of product feature information that few people will pay attention to.

Tip 10 – Atmosphere Attracts Attention

Build a complete atmosphere within your exhibition stand space using lights, colour, shapes, and even scents. Stimulate the senses of your potential customers and you will find that your exhibition stand attracts more attention.

These top ten design tips will help you to create an exhibition stand that sells your message and attracts attention at the trade show. A professional exhibition stand designer can help you to pull all these design features and elements together to build an exhibition you will love.