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LiYu showroom

Pub Time:2020-05-22 09:30:42

 LiYu Reception center, located at a scenic yet busy conjunction of multiple thoroughfares, sits next to a famous tourist site’s parking lot. This rare open space, often packed with people and buses, presents a unique challenge to the design team. A friendly approach with an indefinite property line is implemented to embrace the surrounding elements and ease the backdrop into the core design theme.

We choose a half oval-shaped structure to establish an open curb appeal. This is to facilitate a smooth connection to the surroundings as well as an invitation to passersby. It also makes the adjacent parking lot a viable extension to the center.

It is the designer’s intent to dissect a large volume into various spatial compartments. Not only this allows a diverse design application, it also provides opportunities to a more enriched experience for visitors.

The center’s interior contains spaces for project models, building engineering, VIP conference, offices, model home, and a gourmet kitchen. Various ceiling heights, ceiling mirrors and thoughtful placements of skylights and large windows give each space a solitary feel and effect. The glass-walled model room is definitely a conversation striker as it is a perfect showcase from every directions, inside and outside.

Since the theme for HomeLiving LiYu is “balanced health & happiness”, adding a complete functional kitchen only makes perfect sense. With food-inspired decorations and spacious classroom-size setups, cooking lessons are held here from time to time for pure enjoyment. It surely enhances the center’s HomeLiving appeal and creates a dose of happiness to an ordinary sales center.

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