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Consexto Lab

Pub Time:2019-12-27 10:57:10

Consexto’s new lab is situated in Avenida da Boavista, the most important avenue in the Portuguese city of Porto.
A completely untouched space, about 9 meters high and with just one floor and without access.
The concept of Consexto involved fiving the glassy “façade” an identity, through acoustic panels with mirrored and lacquered perforated plate surfaces that would simultaneously serve as a connector between the interior and the exterior.

In addition to reflecting the entire surroundings, when they are closed they also mirror the interior layout with a type of ramification and connection between the 3 floors, symbolizing the different services offered by the company. The staircase and corridors offer the visitor different spatial relationships and voyeuristic trajectories. On the first floor, a door with a biometric system opens up to the shop and product design area. On the second, a moveable wall permits a transition from a professional cinema room to a meeting table with built-in touchscreen.

At the same time, a catalogue bookshelf descends from the 3rd floor, which is the office area, offering support for meetings, all of which happens automatically and is programmed according to the different daily needs of the office. Taking into account the growth, the evolution and the impact of science, Consexto’s idea was to design and create a workspace and showroom with custom-made products that would interact with state-of-the-art technological solutions, adapted simply, comfortably and efficiently to each person’s day-to- day life.

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