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Pub Time:2015-09-22 11:54:20

I graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Department of Politecn Milan in 1969, and in fact, my career was guided by a number of important events. For example, at a conference in 1973, I met Kartell founder long Rio. Castelli (Giulio Castelli). He gave me responsible for new product development opportunities. I was the technical department manager, in this period, I found that the design is more suitable for me. Later, I was still working in the new plastic department, which makes me have the opportunity to make polyurethane works.

At that time Kartell was trying to do some of the work that was being made of polyurethane, so I was working with other engineers to develop a table, a set of more than one table. Polyurethane is a can with a variety of materials phase bonding elements, can be referred to for cohesin, this material is very interesting, a lot of the time it is used as a composite material. My working experience in Kartell made me come into contact with the "design" of this I am completely unfamiliar with the field.
With my educational background, I have many opportunities to contact the architect, for example, Anna Castelli (Castelli Anna), Giulio's wife and other outstanding architects, which makes me very excited, because it is like a new world for me, this experience makes me feel more interesting, more willing to go on the road design.
After seven years in Kartell, I decided to leave. At the beginning, I was a product engineer, consultant to my position. Fortunately, I later went into the Alpha Romeo (Romeo Alfa) car company, because I had done the work of plastic products, I have been there for four years the product consultant. The job here is to make me a living, but also to learn other materials from plastics. Later, I found myself not only for others, but also for their own ideas to put forward advice. So I decided to make a lamp, I gave the design to the Luceplan. A most simple goal is to ensure others sleep you will not be affected by reading too late. To achieve this goal is very important for me, because this is my first step as a designer.
Luceplan not only will I be a product consultant, engineer, but also as a designer. This is me and Paul. Chalituo (Paolo Rizzatto) the beginning of cooperation. Paul later became my friend and I was in Lucaplan's partner, he and I designed a lot of lighting. Because of the professional background, I have many technical characteristics of early works. For example, my friend Denis and I (Denis Santachiara). The Santa Sciarra cooperation design a lamp, named "ON-OFF". Its switch is not the kind of fixed switch, if you change the position of the lamp, the lamp will become dark or bright, so we call it "ON-OFF". This is the success of our work, it was selected for the Rome boutique exhibition in 1994. This is probably I turned to furniture design.

I designed a chair called Light Light, I did not intend to design a chair, I just want to test before those who were used in the field of sports or filters of composite materials, to see if these materials can not be applied to the field of household products, the results so that I have a new design idea, and the effect is good. We may know that the role of one-way carbon fiber, the main is responsible for loading. We have designed the Olicomper structure, and there are aluminum or aramid fibers, and there are several layers of different colors of fiber or Fang Guan, depending on the needs of different tests. Then we have developed 15 models, but this kind of thing can not be mass production, because the cost is too expensive, from the industrial production of a failure. But I think it's interesting, because I've found something new. This is of course a kind of irrational behavior, because I just want to know the concrete work of material, although this chair looks very slim, but we can sit up and make people more strange is that when it is squeezed when it is still flexible, but also from the real light quality. Ironically, this chair is now in the museum, not into the family. I think it's worth it, even though it's not on the market.