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Exhibition design companies in the awkward difficult to move forward

Pub Time:2015-09-15 22:08:43

Exhibition design company in the history of the development of China is less than 19 years, remember 20 years ago in September 8th in China World Trade Center Xiamen exhibition hall, as a student of our first visit to the exhibition, Taiwan Museum has a red beautiful booth attracted me deeply, the exhibition design in young hearts planted a beautiful seed.
19 years later this year, the Guangzhou Beauty Expo. I came to Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Center, is and exhibitors theft design scheme to seek a statement. Although this is not the first time to discuss the argument. Our company in the past 13 years will be nearly 8 times.
Exhibition design company's creative way in where?
In China, the exhibition industry "downstream" design company design theft, infringement is "routine", has been within the industry have maintained a "people not reported, officials do not study the survival of the state. The designer's work on the results of the work is often plagiarism? Enterprise exhibition design "why not timid and overcautious" rights? China Convention and exhibition design industry is experiencing embarrassment".
Exhibition design company reduced to a cheap labor market
According to incomplete statistics in 2015 China held a total of 11325 games, equivalent to more than 31 per day, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen held a national share of 40%; the Convention and exhibition industry output reached 558700000000 yuan last year, driven by 22400000 passengers.
Due to the intense competition in the industry of exhibition design, exhibition design from 1998 charge design fees to 2000 is no fee for the design of tightly 2 years, from spiralling out of control, not only do not charge a scheme. At the top of the food chain of exhibitors often received many telephone harassment "". There are exhibitors said that we have a day and sometimes received more than 20 phone calls to ask whether to design free design booth. The cruel reality has just begun, when a design firm with all the ability to design a good customer satisfaction program, and then he will accept the test of low prices. Often design a lot of design through but failed in the peer vicious competition price war.
Even so, many booth design company still seems to be bored, again and again repeat "useless", while exhibiting enterprises "leisurely" enjoy "free lunch".
Exhibition design companies in the developed countries is to receive the design fee, with the customer's support they will continue to create a refreshing exhibition design works. Also let the customer's booth is impressed. Improve the value of the brand. Under the condition of China, 70% of the exhibition design is identical or similar. Because the design is not the cost, good exhibition designers do not want to do, the enterprise also does not want to develop the design.
But there are also a number of customers who know how to cherish the exhibition design, they appreciate good design works, giving the exhibition design company a certain profit margins, they want a good exhibition design company, there are creative passion, adhere to the dream of the designers team. Come together to the company's booth with the most unique side in front of the world.
Exhibition design companies let us continue to adhere to their own dream, just like 19 years ago, I saw that the red beautiful Taiwan booth, because good exhibition design good booth really can make people remember a lifetime.