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show room design and exhibition are diffrent

Pub Time:2015-09-14 23:56:48

Show room designcompany is designed to go to the left, the exhibition design company to the right.
Show room designcompany's market in the enterprise interior, each successful enterprise has a proud exhibition hall design.
Exhibition design company's market in the enterprise outside the exhibition hall, in the mall, in the square.
Show room designcompany to understand the material is more comprehensive, a good exhibition hall should use a lot of different materials, materials and new materials.
Exhibition design company material is relatively simple, the majority of disposable materials.
Show room designcompany in the design of the internal layout, with the content of the structure, the use of space, pay attention to the mood.
Exhibition design company in the form of external attention, often a good appearance will win customers' orders.
Show room designcompany very seriously, in the lighting design angle, illumination, temperature, less.
Exhibition design as long as the light is good, sometimes will increase the atmosphere of light.
Show room designcompany and exhibition design have different characteristics in design and practical operation.