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Multimedia exhibition design VS traditional exhibition design which is strong?

Pub Time:2015-09-09 07:10:42

Every day there are customers on the phone to ask me a multimedia exhibition design and the traditional exhibition designof the difference in what aspects?

the multimedia exhibition design behalf of the future exhibition design, enterprise exhibition  design of vane fusion all new Internet technology and high-tech display technology, with all kinds of new technology to build the exhibition highlights, such as interactive touch screen, electronic book and holographic images, multi screen fusion to attract the audience, to enrich the exhibition design, multifunctional expression form, can be active in the exhibition hall atmosphere. Let's talk about the advantages of the multimedia exhibition design.

1 man-machine interactive display: in order to integrate a variety of high-tech interactive experience, to strengthen the exhibition content and visitors to interact, to bring the experience of visitors to experience, through the man-machine interaction to make the audience remember, effective delivery of information.
2 artificial intelligence technology means: the combination of multimedia exhibition technology system as one of the exhibition, combined with sound, light, electricity and other multimedia technology to the application of technology, the depth of the display object inherent in the background, meaning. Due to the integration of high-tech, so that the hall is very attractive.
3 with the intuitive approach to display the effect: with more media specific: sound, light, electricity, images, and three-dimensional animation to simulate the actual application of many aspects of the field of display products, constitute a combination of dynamic and static picture, the product characteristics with the story of the way to the audience, let visitors know the purpose of the product.
4 novel: with the most novel display technique, unique style, to break the traditional exhibition hall old static display mode, create a brand new experience, give a fresh sense of curiosity, to improve their knowledge, the product or display content has the desire to explore.