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Do not understand the points of the design of showroom will not blindly building

Pub Time:2015-10-04 11:46:49

Modern enterprise development is rapid, also often go to a variety of exhibitions, so many companies will want to why not build a permanent exhibition hall in their own business? So very business hall is like the bamboo shoots after the rain one will continue to emerge, but many entrepreneurs them for their industry and products is very understanding, on the design of the exhibition hall will lay the, people will say, do not eat pork have also seen a pig run ah, I have seen a lot of peer enterprises exhibition design, I know how to do. This difference, each industry has deep knowledge, the so-called layman watch, experts see road. Next I share some of the main points of the exhibition design for your reference.

1.The visual focus of the exhibition hall design
The exhibition hall is expressed by the art of space, so the design should have a visual focus.
2, subject design content requirements
a, the overall planning and development of the overall planning, including the display of the overall concept, display themes, display features, the main display, visit the flow line, etc..
b, the project design: the focus of the exhibition, the focus of the exhibition should be avoided and other domestic planning museum.
3, enterprise exhibition hall design theme design principle
a the pursuit of the unity of the times and culture, the integration of high-tech, intelligent, ecological.
b to display the contents of the layout of interactive projects, increase audience participation;
The 3 exhibition forms, novel design and display, highlight;
c business exhibition hall theme clear, distinctive features, to avoid the public house, there is a strong artistic appeal;
d the design style is simple: it is dynamic, and it is a bright spot;
e social and economic benefits, the use of quota design;
f take into account the mutual relationship between the various galleries, forming a scientific and reasonable route;
g consider accessibility and flow of people to meet the requirements of public building codes.

4, exhibition project design requirements
1, exhibition design requirements
1. The galleries of the main part, should show description; II exhibition item description requires the use of graphics, text description of the show, the audience how to participate in and experience; (3) put forward planning digital sand table area, proportion and digital sand table, key content and display method, technique of expression and characteristics etc.; (4) to provide theater video content, equipment configuration list; for possible signs of exhibition, for more detailed graphics and text; the of other possible exhibition should be made a brief list of instructions and cost estimation;
2, the development of the design requirements
The exhibition items are in line with the characteristics of urban exhibition hall, and should be varied in various forms. The technology of sound, light, electricity and multimedia should be fully applied to meet the requirements of functional and artistic quality;
The display modes, including static display, dynamic performance, participation and so on, as far as possible to attract the audience;
Advanced technology, has the feasibility, the structure is reasonable, the cost is controllable.
Anyway. Corporate showrooms in the process to focus on doing the exhibition theme of the exhibition hall, display content, display design work, to ensure that the exhibition hall of clear thinking, make clear in the center. Have corporate culture and spiritual values. Do not imitate other enterprises, to have their own characteristics, because no one is unique. In other words, the exhibition hall is the essence of the enterprise where he embodies the spirit of your business.