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exhibtion design company should know secret

Pub Time:2015-09-12 08:00:40

Remember people do business with people so you need a display that buyers feel comfortable approaching and entering.
Visitors are more apt to enter a warm, inviting environment. Think of your target visitors as specialized and discerning shoppers that you must entice into your space. Exhibit Design Strategies That Maximize Results

An open design is easily accessible from multiple entry points, welcoming to potential clients and offers easy visitor flow within your space. In a recent study by Trade Show Week, exhibitors cited booth layout as one of the top three factors that
improved their show results. Specifically they noted more entry points, more open space and less clutter.An uncluttered space enables you to control the focus of your visitors’ attention and helps to create an approachable atmosphere.
Tip: As a general rule you want at least 60% of the frontage open and at least 60% of the floor space in the exhibit unoccupied.