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Exhibit Design Strategies2

Pub Time:2015-09-10 22:59:00

Aim High
Island spaces are popular among exhibitors for several reasons. Island spaces offer the real estate within which to promote your products and services and engage more visitors simultaneously. Island spaces are often strategically positioned on the show floor plan to benefit from maximum exposure and traffic density. And psychologically, larger spaces are associated with power, dominance and trust. So an island display portrays a company as a prominent player conveying its leadership position in the industry. Industry research indicates that exhibit size increases attendee memorability.

The first step is to get the attention of visitors. One sure way to do that is to build high. A 20x20 island offer 4 times the space of a 10x20 inline space because of the height allowance. Use it to your advantage. Stand head and shoulders above the crowd by filling the height limit of your space. Draw visitors to you with commanding graphics at high points where they may be viewed from a distance and ensure that you’re visible from every direction.Tall structures such as towers can serve multiple uses – storage, an anchor to which other structural elements are connected, and as surface walls for mounting plasma screens.Tip: Lightweight printed fabric structures can be attached to tower structures to provide a dramatic effect without the expense of the rigging equipment needed to suspend them from the ceiling. And your structures may be set to rotate to draw attention through motion.